Integrated Quality, Environmental Health, & Safety Management Systems – Scope, Policy & Objectives



DeviceCycle performs triage, tests & repair on electronic devices, such as laptops, tablets and cellphones. These processes allow us to extend the life cycle of these products in safe and environmentally friendly ways.

DeviceCycles Top Management has defined DeviceCycles Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Policy and has ensured that, within the defined scope of its Integrated Management System (IMS), it is documented, implemented, maintained, reviewed for continuing suitability, communicated to all persons working for or on behalf of DeviceCycle and is available to the public upon request.


Integrated Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety Policy


at DEVICECYCLE we are committed to delivering innovative ecyclying solutions in an responsible manner.


we do this by:

  • providing products and services of the highest standards to satisfy our customers’ needs and expectations of quality, health & safety, reliability and service
  • meeting quality objectives by establishing, implementing and maintaining a documented and effective integrated management system which complies with the requirements of iso 9001, 14001, 45001, and r2 responsible recycling
  • committing to compliance with requirements and continual improvement of our integrated management system
  • complying with all applicable environmental, health and safety regulations
  • support sustainable development through proactive identification of pollutant sources
  • ensure a safe and healthy work environment for our staff by preventing safety risks
  • educate our staff about their responsibility to protect the environment in their daily work and how to work in a safe manner
  • adhere to material management hierarchy of reuse, recover, and disposal
  • commit to a zero tolerance landfill policy
  • share our vision and goals with our clients and the public


  • This policy will be communicated to all employees, customers and interested parties. Our expectation is for employees and customers to cooperate and assist in the implementation of this policy. This policy will be reviewed annually by Top Management and if deemed necessary will be amended.


As a simple, effective reminder to all personnel including the public regarding our Policies, we have developed this slogan which summarizes our total philosophy. This simple yet powerful statement expresses our goal for every action taken;


A better experience.